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Get to know me

Independent Artist | Singer | Song-writer | Dancer | Choreographer 

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Where it all began

A South African singer, song-writer, dancer, and choreographer currently on a journey to share my world and messages of hope & encouragement through the sound waves of my music. Born in Cape Town, but raised on the beautiful South Coast of Durban as the youngest of 4 siblings. Coming from a musical and artistic family, I discovered my passion for performing at the age of 3. I started my journey into the performing world through dance, and began singing and writing songs at the age of 13, as a method of dealing with life as a teen - Some people journal, I found my healing through songwriting. 



Today, as an independent artist, my aim with my music is to be able to share some inspiration, words of hope, positivity and encouragement as a form of light in the sometimes very difficult world we live in. My hope is to create music that resonates with my listeners, to remind people that they're not alone in what they're feeling or going through, and provide glimmers of encouragement to keep going.

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